Interdisciplinary Concentration and Minor on Race and Ethnicity (ICORE/MORE)

This program is supervised by the Steering Committee of the Consortium for Critical Interdisciplinary Studies (CCIS):


Yvette Christianse

Professor of English and Africana Studies  




The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Concentration on Race and Ethnicity (ICORE) and Minor on Race and Ethnicity (MORE) is to make available to Barnard students the interdisciplinary and critical study of race and ethnicity in their mutual constitution with gender, class, and nation. ICORE and MORE provide an intersectional and international framework for thinking through issues of ethnicity and race in both local and global contexts and in relation to other forms of social difference. Advanced seminars allow students to use this framework for the in-depth study of a particular topic. For those students who desire to pursue graduate education in the field of Ethnic Studies, ICORE and MORE will provide background preparation.

Student Learning Objectives

Students who complete either the Interdisciplinary Concentration or Minor on Race and Ethnicity will learn how to:

  1. Gain exposure to the theories and methods of ethnic studies;
  2. Interpret arguments in light of the expanding literature in ethnic studies;
  3. Understand processes of racialization in historical and geographical context;
  4. Understand the mutual constitution and relative autonomy of axes of social differentiation;
  5. Comprehend how national boundaries, as well as local, national and transnational cultures and politics affect the constitution of racial and ethnic categories;
  6. Compare representations of borderlands, hybridity, migration and diaspora from different cultures; and
  7. Identify and communicate the importance of ethnic and racial diversity to an increasingly global and interconnected world.


The concentration and minor consist of five courses to be distributed as follows:

Introductory Level (2 courses)

1. WMST BC2140 Critical Approaches in Social and Cultural Theory is required, i.e. you must take this course.

2. Students will choose their remaining Introductory Level course from 

AMST BC1041 Critical Approaches to the Study of Ethnicity and Race
WMST BC2150 Practicing Intersectionality: The Interdisciplinary Study of Race, Gender and Ethnicity

Intermediate Level (2 courses)

1.  Harlem

Students will choose one course on Harlem. They may choose from this list:

  • AFRS BC3020y Harlem Crossroads
  • AFRS BC3550y Harlem Seminar: Gay Harlem
  • AHIS BC3948 The Visual Culture of the Harlem Renaissance
  • AFEN BC3148y Literature of the Great Migration: 1916-1970
  • ENGL BC3196x Home to Harlem: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
  • RELI V2615 Religions of Harlem

2.  Concepts in Race and Ethnic Studies

Students will choose one course from among the following three topics:

a)  People Power, and Place
Courses that explore in geographical context the processes, including the operations of power, by which people are constituted as ethnic and racial groups:

  • AFEN BC3525y Atlantic Crossings: The West Indies and the Atlantic World
  • AFRS BC3005x Introduction to Caribbean Societies
  • AFRS BC3055x Slave Resistance in the United States from the Colonial Era to the Civil War
  • AFRS BC3121x Black Women in America (same as WMST BC3121)
  • AFRS BC3589y Black Feminism(s)/Womanism(s) and ‘Black Sexual Politics’ in Contemporary U.S. Popular Culture
  • ANTH V3300x Pre-Columbian Histories of Native America
  • ANTH V3810 Madagascar
  • CSER W1012 History of Racialization in the US
  • CSER V3440x U.S. Cities in Transition
  • CSER W3490 Critical Analysis of Post 9/11 Immigration Policies
  • CSER W3510x Immigration, Relocation and Diaspora
  • CSER W3903 Immigrant Social Movements
  • CSER W3909 Critical Approaches to Race, Gender, and Human Movements, Past and Present
  • CSER W3931 Hispanic New York and the Latinoization of the US
  • HIST BC2830 Gender and Empire
  • HIST BC3321x Colonial Encounters: Europe and the Culture of Empire
  • HIST BC3840x Topics in South Asian History: Gender, Caste and Nation in South Asia
  • HIST BC3980y World Migration
  • HIST BC4411y Race in the Making of the U.S.
  • POLS V3604y Civil Wars and International Interventions in Africa
  • RELI W4215x or y Hinduism Here
  • RELI W4620x or y Religious Worlds of New York
  • SOCI V3247y The Immigrant Experience, Old and New
  • SOCI V3324x or y Poverty, Inequality, and Policy: A Sociological Perspective
  • SOCI BC3907y Communities and Social Change
  • SOCI BC3909y Ethnic Conflict and Unrest
  • WMST BC3121x Black Women in America (same as AFRS BC3121)
  • WMST BC3518y Studies in U.S. Imperialism
  • WMST W3915y Gender and Power in Transnational Perspective

b)  Representation
Courses that explore cultural and political representations of ethnicity and race:

  • AFRS BC3120y History of African-American Music
  • AFRS BC3146x African American and African Writing and the Screen
  • AFRS BC3150y Race and Performance In The Caribbean
  • AHIS BC3642y North American Art and Culture
  • AHIS W4089y Native American Art
  • ANTH V3160x The Body and Society
  • ANTH V3928y Religion and Mediation
  • CLRS W4190 Race, Ethnicity, and Narrative in the Russian/Soviet Empire (new course)
  • CSER W3250 Native American Representations
  • CSER W3922 Asian American Cinema (formerly ASAM W3992x)
  • CSER W3701 US-Latino Cultural Production
  • CSER W3904x Rumor and Racial Conflict
  • CSER W3912x Experimental Minority American Writing
  • CSER W3922 Asian American Cinema (formerly ASAM W3992x)
  • CSER W3970 Palestine and the Palestinians through Literature and Theater
  • DNCE BC3570 Latin American and Caribbean Dance: Identities in Motion
  • DNCE BC3578x Traditions of African-American Dance
  • ENGL BC3140x Seminars in Special Themes: Explorations in Black Literature: Early African-American Lit, 1760-1890
  • ENGL BC3140y Seminars in Special Themes: Black Internationalisms
  • ENGL BC3190y Global Literature in English
  • ENGL BC3997/8 Senior Seminars: Black Stereotypes and Performances of Race
  • ENGL BC3997/8 Senior Seminars: Toni Morrison
  • ENGL BC3997/8 Senior Seminars: Enlightenment and African Diaspora
  • ENTH BC3144x Black Theatre
  • ENWS BC3144x or y Minority Women Writers in the United States
  • LATS W3200x Che Guevara: Texts and Contexts
  • SOCI BC3913 Inequalities: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in U.S. Law and Society
  • SPAN BC3470x Latin(o) American Art in New York City: Critical Interventions, Institutions, and Creative Lives
  • SPAN BC3143x Literature of the Spanish Caribbean
  • WMST BC3134y Unheard Voices: African Women's Literature
  • WMST BC3132y Gendered Controversies: Women's Bodies and Global Conflicts
  • WMST BC3510x Interpreting Bodies: Engendering the Black Body
  • WMST BC3516x Visions and Critique in the Feminist Art and Black Arts Movement

c)  Special Topics in Critical Studies: AMST BC 3350 Lecture

Advanced Level (1 Course)

Students will take one advanced seminar from the following two categories:

1.  Relevant Seminars in the Consortium Majors

Students should check with the department offering the seminar for course application/admission procedures.

  • AFRS BC3110x Africana Colloquium: Postcolonialism and Beyond
  • AFRS BC3110x Africana Colloquium: Critical Race Theory
  • AFRS BC3110y Africana Colloquium: Theorizing Diaspora: Gender, Transnationalism, Globalization in the Africana Diaspora
  • AFRS BC3570x Africana Issues: Engendering Black Britain
  • AFRS BC3570y Black Baghdad: How Haiti’s Story Tells the West
  • ANTH V3988x Race and Sexuality in Scientific and Social Practice
  • ASAM W3900x Seminar in Asian American Studies: African-American and Asian Relations
  • CSER W3905 Asian Americans and the Psychology of Race (formerly ASAM W3918x)
  • CSER W3906 Race in Scientific & Social Practice
  • CSER W3907 Asian American Genders/Sexualities
  • CSER W3918x Transnational Trans/Gender-Variant Social Formations
  • CSER W3926x Latin Music and Identity (formerly LATS W3926x)
  • CSER W3928x Colonization/Decolonization
  • CSER W3933x Reading the Haitian Revolution
  • CSER W3935 Historical Anthropology of the US-Mexican Border
  • CSER W3937 Caribbean Modernism
  • CSER W3940 Comp. Study of Constitutional Challenge
  • CSER G4030x Sound: The Sacred, the Secular
  • DNCE BC3980y Performing the Political: Embodying Change in American Performance
  • ENGL BC3997 Senior Seminar: Contemporary African-American Literature and Post-Racial Ideologies
  • ENGL BC3997x Senior Seminars: Political Love
  • HIST BC4375y Boundaries and Belonging: Gender and Citizenship in Modern History
  • HIST BC4411y Race in the Making of the U.S.
  • HIST BC4546y The Fourteenth Amendment and Its Uses
  • HIST BC4587y Remembering Slavery: Critiquing Modern Representations of the Peculiar Institution
  • HIST BC4666   Origin Stories: Race, Genealogy, and Citizenship
  • HIST BC4669y Inequalities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Latin America
  • HIST BC4672x Perspectives on Power in 20th Century Latin America
  • HIST BC4791x Lagos: From Pepper Farm to Megacity
  • HIST BC4830x Bombay/Mumbai and Its Urban Imaginaries
  • HIST BC4870x Gender and Migration: Global Perspectives
  • INSM G4321y Human Nature: DNA, Race, and Identity
  • RELI W4825x or y Religion, Gender and Violence
  • SPAN BC3990x Latin American Perspectives on Violence, Colonization and Globalization
  • URBS V3460y Race, Gender, and Urban Violence
  • WMST W4303y Gender, Globalization, and Empire
  • WMST W4305y Feminist Postcolonial Theory
  • WMST W4308y Advanced Topics in Women's and Gender Studies: Sexuality and Science
  • WMST W4320 Queer Theories and Histories

2.  Special Topics in Critical Studies: AFRS BC3575 Seminar

Note: Students may petition for ICORE/MORE credit for courses not on this list.